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Island and Sailboat Jewelry

Those who love the oceans, islands and sailing will love the iSail Collection of Nautical Jewelry and merchandize.

We are your on-line source for the latest fashions in Caribbean bracelets, palm tree pendants, sailboat charms, anchor pendants and anything nautical.

Our iSail Jewelry Collection was inspired by a palm tree pendant I purchased in the British Virgin Islands back in 2006. After several request from friends and customers wanting to know where they too could purchase the pendant, I contacted the store to purchase one as a gift for a friend and they told me, they were sold out and this piece was no longer available. And of course they could not tell me the name of the manufacturer. And this is where my mission began. So, for the past two years I have researched and teamed up with several jewelry manufactures around the world to bring this collection to you.

So close your eyes and picture yourself relaxing on a Sailboat, anchored to the perfect tropical island with beautiful palm trees swaying in the breeze. Give yourself or someone special a piece of jewelry from our iSail Collection of Nautical Jewelry so they too can daydream all day long.

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Caribbean Heart Bracelet clear
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